Maybe you have seen a helicopter, a submarine and maybe an airplane, or perhaps a spaceship like the ones from Futurama? At first glance these ancient hieroglyphics look like they have been just realised in the last few decades instead of the 3,200 years they have.

Written, or better to say engraved, during the Kingdom of Seti I, the whole wall contains the original writing which translates in “He who repulses the nine enemies of Egypt”. During the Reign of Ramesses II it was rewritten in “He who protects Egypt and overthrows the foreign countries”.

Amongst the ordinary hieroglyphics such as the fly, the writing shows that which looks like a helicopter, an airplane, a a submarine and maybe even a tank. These hieroglyphics  have been interpreted by UFO or OOPArt enthusiasts (Out Of Place Artifacts), as representation of modern technology back in ancient times, insight given to the ancient Egyptians by extraterrestrial entities.

Below: picture by Olek95 shared via Wikipedia – licence Creative Commons 3.0

However the archeologists do not believe the symbol represents anything unusual. The Hieroglyphics which “resemble”¬† modern technology are only result of pareidolia, subconscious illusion which associates known shapes to random ones, or of a wrong interpretation. In the ancient Egypt it was common custom to have previous hieroglyphics resculpted throughout time, especially when a new Pharaoh would rise to power.

This is in fact the case for the Temple of Seti I in Abydos. When Ramesses II became Pharaoh, some of the symbols in the temple of Seti I were modified which somewhat resulted in the creations of shapes which resemble helicopters and spaceships. The new writing was realised plastering the wall one more time and by rewriting on top of the ancient text. Throughout the years part of the plaster came off, leaving uncovered the parts underneath belonging to the Reign of Seti I still combined with the newer ones by Ramesses II. The fact that the letters lay in a very high position of the temple, this does not allow the visitors to enjoy the different layers of plasters as well as creates the illusion of the helicopter, tank and military vehicles from the 20th century. Without wanting to offend all the supporters of an alien Genesis of the Egyptian culture.

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