Its name is M.A.DI., unfoldable modular living unit, prefabricated homes that you build up in no more than 6 hours, designed and ideated in Italy in Città Sant’Angelo, Abruzzo. The construction is made up of different modules where the surface area becomes more or less wide depending on the necessity of the buyer.

With just a module, the dwelling counts an area of 27 m² (290 ft²) which become 54 m² with two modules (580 ft²) and 84 m² (905 ft²) with 3 modules. On the inside it is available all that is necessary for a modern comfort: bathroom, kitchen, electrical and hydraulic system, and stairs included in the basic price.

The houses are designed to be safe, with seismic compliance, and energetically efficient, suitable for solar panel installation. The construction as well as the deconstructions of them are rapid, allowing their owners to set up and move around the houses as they please.

It is just its possibility to be disassembled that makes the M.A.DI. different from the other traditional type of houses, classifying it more as a “portable” property: so it is subject to different kind of regulamentations, way more flexible than the ones of regular buildings. Its strengths are:

  • rapidity of construction
  • reduced price compared to a full house
  • portable property typology
  • energetically efficient
  • different options for the living modules
  • “keys in hand” project
  • the foundations are not necessary (one of the most pricey costs with constructions)

The pricelist is available on the producer official website. They indicate €28,000 for the 27 m² (1 module), €46,000 for the 54 m² (2 modules) and €62,000 for the 84 m²(3 modules). Each extra module beyond the biggest one on the list has an price of € 16,000, and it allows to expand the construction up until hundreds of m². The productors specify that, in case the structure was thought as a main house, it is good precaution to proceed and set up the foundations underneath it, also available to be ordered from the company itself.

All the technical informations can be found in the official website of the project.

Below: time-lapse video of the assembling of a living module in just a few hours

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