Social media, as it’s well known by now, do not show anymore the reality of people but, often, the perfect side of life of those who want to share their own pictures online. For this reason it appears that some of us, perhaps by following some famous or particularly good looking Instagrammer, can think of our own life as empty of lacking on beauty compared to the ones we observe through our smartphones.

Reality though, is rather different from those pictures

That’s what has been demonstrated in her own pictures the Instagrammer from Amsterdam Rianne Meijer, who shared a series of photos where she shows the fancy side of her pictures and the real version of it, perhaps just a second before the “click” of the camera.

Rianne is, without any doubt a beautiful girl, but one thing is looking at her in moment when she is at her best, with her skin tightened and the right photographic filters, and another thing is seeing her without make up, maybe not while striking a pose an with no filters either. In the second version the girl is just one amongst many, still beautiful but in a normal version.

Rianne explained her own “confession” as an influencer:

“I decided to share them because it felt unfair to only show the ‘perfect’ pictures. And I figured it might help some people to feel better about themselves. Hopefully when people see perfect pictures of beautiful girls and start to feel insecure, they think about these posts I did and remember that those pics are almost never as perfect as they seem. And of course I wanted to give people a laugh”.

All pictures are shared with Rianne Meijer’s permission

Rianne Mejier#5:

Rianne Mejier#6:

Rianne Mejier#7:

Rianne Mejier#8:

Rianne Mejier#9:

Rianne Mejier#10:

Rianne Mejier#11:

Rianne Mejier#12:

Rianne Mejier#13:

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