The illustrations of the Golden Ratio drawn by Rafael Araujo are the perfect fusion between art, science and math. In the last 40 years, the architect originally from Venezuela has perfecting his drawing techniques by creating a series dedicated to such a fascinating cross disciplinary topic. His realisation are illustrated simply by a pencil (or Indian ink), compass, ruler and goniometer. The result is even more charming due to its handcrafted nature. Pushed by his willing to be discovered throughout the world, Araujo has recently published an adult colouring book, where he portrays the beauty of math linked to the natural world.

The Venezuelan architect’s illustrations revolve around smart growth patterns, ruled by the golden ratio. This number, generally indicated as the Greek letter Phi (φ), corresponds to 1.618 and can be observed  through nature in several natural spirals, sequences, proportions, lengths.

The Phyllotaxis is the term indicating that part of botany that investigates on how leaves and the different parts of the plants develop through the space. It is universally accepted that when growing, living forms prefer the construction of structures and proportions that follow the golden ratio rules. From shells to petals, crystals and butterfly wings, the Phi number can be found in loads of examples that surround us.

Araujo draws natural shapes without removing the construction lines that made possible to set up the golden ratio rules for such a drawing. That is done in order to understand the mathematical ratio that regulates beauty in nature. Every composition is rich of details and requires an average of 100 hours of work. Thanks to a team of creative people in Sydney and a successful campaign on Kickstarter, the author’s book has been able to be printed and sold on Amazon. Check here the US link and UK link.

Below: the Nautilus

Below: a shell

Below: a butterflies spiral

Below: the book cover

Below: the presentation video of the book with the introduction of the author Rafael Araujo

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