A group of archaeologists has recently discovered the burial of a woman in the area of Čerkasy, in Ukraine. The woman died at the age of 25 around the 3rd or 4th century, she was buried with her arms behind her back and her face heading down. According to the scholar Sergey Didenko, the type of burial, completely emptied of any decorative object suggests that the woman was considered as a witch at the time, buried in a manner which would have prevented her from coming back to the world of the livings.

Burials of such a kind are not common in ancient times as they they would prevent, in the head of those who were building them, a cheerful passage to the underworld. A similar burial, even though more complex, was the one of a man from the Roman era buried with a stone instead of his tongue. Discovered in 2017, even in that case the face was turned facing downwards. Later on, people considered as dangerous for the community were buried with a sickle to their throat, probably imagined to be vampire of demoniac creatures.

As for the Ukrainian woman, the burial was singular because it anticipates of over a millennium the well known “witch hunt” and the Inquisition

Below: Google Maps in Čerkasy

Source: Rainews

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