The Reddit user named “Sbay”, during a visit to the Museum of the Louvre in Paris, photographed and shared a picture of the original weave with which a mummy’s head had been wrapped. The man has his face covered by an intricate series of bandages of linen, extremely different from the horizontal regular stripes we were used to associating to “traditional” mummies.

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The mummy came with a series of funeral goods: a wide necklace laid on his chest, a decorative apron placed on his legs and a case on his feet. The Louvre explained how many examinations, such as x ray and others, had been performed on the mummy. Thanks to those it was possible to date the man between 305 and 30 BC in Ptolemaic Egypt; furthermore they discover that his name was either Pachery or Nenu, even though there is no historical certainty of the words.

It seems that the richness of this mysterious character from the past was huge, and this explains the luxurious funeral goods and the mummification method performed to the body, very different from the common one. His mortal remains are today very far from the Ancient Egypt, inside the majestic Museum of Paris.

Below: picture shared via Wikipedia – licence Creative Commons

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