London during the Victoria Age was far away from the chic image that is nowadays associated with the British capital. But its most recognisable monuments were already present and visible back to 150 years ago. The pictures gathered here have been taken in 1877 by John Thompson, the first photographer from the street; his images allow us to explore the daily life of that period within the streets of the English capital.

Below: a shooting set in Clapham Common

Below: a donkey in Clapham Common

 two workers on a boat on the Thames

Below: a costume jewelry seller on the street

Below: signs seller

Below: group picture in Whitechapel, famous district for the victims of Jack the Ripper

Below: a fish seller and his stall

Below: mid 800 example of taxi

Below: Mush-Fakers and ginger-beers

Below: the wagons of nomads in London

Below: flower sellers in Covent Garden

Below: artisan in his open-air shop

Below: public exterminators

Below: baby shoeshiner

Below: “Carey” the clown

Below: homeless grandma and child

Below: street cleaners

Below: Black Jack

Below: coach driver

Below: the water cart

Below: the human sign in the 800’s

Below: an ancient clothing store in Seven Dials

Below: a poor man in a pub of the time

Below: Italian street musicians

Below: some men outside the pub

Below: a shellfish street vendor

Below: ice selling for half a penny

Below: a cart for the Day of the Death in November

Below: some Sergeants in Westminster enlist soldiers

Below: another baby shoeshine

Below: workers in Covent Garden

Below: chimney sweep

Below: street doctor

Below: bill posters on the streets

Below: victims of the flood in Lambeth

Underneath the most ancient video ever filmed in London, made in different periods between 1890 and 1920. It shows the most famous corners of the city and how it appeared at the sunset of the Victorian Era. It is a great source which allows the observer to comprehend what places are thanks to the map of the framing.

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