In 1902 the French publisher Albert Bergeret released a series of collectible cards where there were imagined the “Les Femmes de l’Avenir”, or women of the future. These cards represented several professions that at the time seemed unreachable to most of women: doctor, lawyer, politician, firefighter, army soldier.

Below: the Journalist

Even though some of the pictures can be perceived as daring for the time, Bergeret had an undoubtedly progressive vision for his time. The artist had imagined correctly with his future forecasts on the female emancipation.

Below: the Sergeant

The cards were probably destined to stimulate male fantasies rather than being utilised from any feminist movement. Even though the purpose was strictly commercial, the episode can’t pass unnoticed as this vintage attempt, although fantastic, imagine women having a different role in society.

Below: the Doctor

Albert Bergeret was successful artist and businessman. His study became the main French postcard producer: in 1900 he produced in fact 25 millions of cards and in 1903 approximately 75 millions, with his factory handling 250 employees. Bergeret died in 1932 ma his postcard are still famous today.

Below: the Student

This attempt from the 1902 allows an insight over the female movements of the time, especially in the Anglo-Saxon context with the suffragettes, and how they managed to affect in a decisive fashion the social viewpoint, getting all the way to become even a series of collectible cards. The world would have radically changed within some decades and women would have conquered increasingly more freedom.

Below: second lieutenant

Below: a Lawyer. In France the women were qualified to work such a profession in 1900 and in Italy in 1919

Below: Weapon Master

Below: General

Below: Artist

Below: a woman part of the light infantry in the French Army

Below: Firefighter

Below: Jockey

Below: Coachwoman

Below: Drums Musician

Below: a Mayor. To the French women it was forbidden to be elected in the public office until 1944, while in Italy this lasted until 1946

Below: Member of Parliament. In Italy the first 2 women were elected in the parliament in 1946 and the 1st female senator in 1948

Below: the Sailor

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